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Introducing Pearls of Shalom Ministries

Pearls of Shalom Ministries is as unique as its name and communicates a spoken blessing within the title. Pearls are treasured gems that are created from a source of great pain. Shalom is a one-word Hebrew blessing that means, nothing missing, nothing broken, soundness, wholeness and peace. Every time you speak the name of this ministry you are proclaiming restoration over all.  Founder, Theresa Westbrook felt divinely inspired to accept this title for the ministry because it is her life story; knowing first-hand that God is the only one who can create purpose and peace from the depths of personal pain and despair.   

In His Presence Conference 2012


Pearls of Shalom Ministries, In His Presence 


Time with Theresa 

Child abuse is a hidden epidemic that can only be prevented by speaking up.  Theresa shares her journey of healing and restoration from tragic childhood sexual abuse with victims/survivors/ and perpetrators upon request.   To offer hope and healing, Pearls of Shalom Ministries donates copies of Theresa’s story, A Strand of Pearls to survivors, those who care for victims and to professionals who treat abusers as a resource to teach accountability and victim empathy. 


Other healing resources include, God's Pearl, music video and The Advocates, a book giving voice to other survivors  and insights to recovery. 


With 1 in 3 females and 1 in 5 males being sexually assaulted before the age of 18, these ministry resources are a life-giving necessity! You may join in the efforts of ending child abuse by donating to Pearls of Shalom Ministries or by purchasing our ministry resources for family, friends, teachers, doctors, churches, jails and crisis agencies.  


Other healing ministry efforts include In His Presence events.  These meetings offer an environment to saturate mind, body and spirit in the presence of God.  Worship, fun, entertainment and empowering speakers offer IHP attendees a memorable, empowering, and unforgettable experience. 


The Time with Theresa television show is an extension to our media ministry efforts, providing God honoring programming around the world.  


Introducing Don and Theresa Westbrook, Founders of the Pearls of Shalom Ministries

Theresa and Don Westbrook are speakers, ordained ministers, and co-founders of Pearls of Shalom Ministries. They minister through a Biblical worldview perspective and encourage others to strengthen their relationship with God.  Together, the Westbrooks give themselves to advancing the kingdom of God by using their resources and talents to reach people everywhere with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


God first and family next are essential parts of Don and Theresa’s hearts and lives.  In times of hardships and blessings, God continues to be their source of strength to be loving parents, grandparents, and Ambassadors for Christ. 


Theresa Westbrook, Founder, and President of Pearls of Shalom Ministries

Theresa is an author, minister, and television host.  Her past medical career in nursing, experiencing childhood sexual abuse and other life-shattering experiences have contributed to her empathy and love for others who are hurting. Theresa's faith in Christ was key to her recovery from the painful wounds she experienced as a child and to becoming the vibrant, confident, and beautiful light of hope she is today.   

Theresa's efforts to bring hope and healing to people around the world include:  Pearls of Shalom Ministries, In His Presence events, the Time with Theresa television show and providing life-transforming resources.  Ministry resources include:  A Strand of Pearls & The Advocates books and God's Pearl music video.  (learn more) 

Theresa has served many years in Christian leadership alongside her husband, Don Westbrook, and is available to minister God’s encouraging word to audiences everywhere upon request.  (learn more)


Don Westbrook, Co-Founder and Secretary/ Treasurer of Pearls of Shalom Ministries

Don has enjoyed a successful career within the Aviation industry for thirty-one years.  He is also an ordained minister and has served in Christian leadership roles for over thirty-five years.  Whether Don is in the marketplace or behind the pulpit, he is fully equipped to offer a Biblical worldview, prayer, counsel, or mentorship by sharing his unwavering faith and peace in God.  

A man who loves to keep a low profile; Don loves to serve behind the scenes.  He sacrificially gives his talents, time, and resources to serving Pearls of Shalom Ministries and the Time with Theresa television show with excellence.  Whatever the need, he answers the call and supports his wife, Theresa, in the ministry and media activites with excellence.  (learn more) 

Don's years of studying and applying the principles of God to his life has given him much joy, peace and a deep respect for the written Word of God.    Don is available to minister upon request.  (learn more) 


To invite Don and/or Theresa Westbrook to minister at your church or to speak at your next event contact:

PH: 940-902-9579


"Today's pain embraced becomes tomorrow's pearl of grace."

  Theresa Westbrook

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Pearls of Shalom Ministries exists to share the love of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Give with confidence.  Pearls of Shalom Ministries is recognized as a 501(c)(3) ministry.

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