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“In her book, A Strand of Pearls, Theresa Westbrook provides an honest and heart provoking look into the realities of childhood sexual abuse. I use A Strand of Pearls many times when providing pastoral counseling to the young women at our facility. I feel that Theresa’s story is able to provide hope to young ladies that have similar backgrounds of abuse. By reading about another survivor who has victoriously overcome the damaging effects of abuse, the young ladies at our facility are inspired and realize that complete healing is indeed possible for them. One of the many things I appreciate about the book is that Theresa ministers to both the victim and the victimizer, understanding that the victimizer is a damaged person in need of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.”

Chaplain Allison Voss, RJSJCC


"I was molested by my father when I was young and that the abuse opened a door to many bad things in my life. I have a beautiful strand of pearls locked away at my house. I have never worn this strand of pearls because I felt too dirty and unworthy to wear them. But after hearing Theresa share her story and minister today, I am going home to pull out those pearls and start wearing them with my head held high!”



Dear Pearls of Shalom,

Pearls of Shalom is a trailblazing ministry, facing difficult issues with compassion and unwavering faith, spreading seeds of deep spiritual recovery for the heartbroken who walk among us.




I want to comment on the song, God's Pearl, and what it meant to me. The song was incredible and really touched my heart. I was a victim of physical and sexual abuse as a young child and later survived rape in High School. I walked in shame for many years but through the grace of God, I was restored. God is awesome! I can't wait for the "God's Pearl" video to be released.


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